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bOB Homer Fine ArtbOB HOmer has been creating art his entire life and has made a living doing what he loves. Even as a young boy, he would draw, paint, take photos, and turn everyday objects into unconventional works of art. He loves textures and often uses his fingers to paint instead of a brush. bOB is colourblind which brings a truly unique perspective to his art.

In 2000, bOB graduated as a technical and scientific illustrator from the influential Ontario art school, Sheridan College. Since then, he has worked as a creative professional, primarily as a graphic designer and web developer. Early in bOB’s career, he owned an art gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, where he exhibited works by emerging Hamilton artists. In 2010, shortly after moving to Port Moody, bOB opened a small photography studio where he focused on weddings and architectural projects. Since then, the studio has continued to evolve into his current business Lethologica, a creative consulting company still located in Port Moody.

"Horse Rider" Digital Image
"Horse Rider" Digital Image

bOB tries to capture the expressive nature of my subjects in  his paintings. He often use a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, chalk pastel, pencil crayon, and pen and ink to achieve this effect. bOB's latest series of paintings are heavily influenced by comic book and graphic novel art. The energy and movement is captured with the use of thick black lines and flat, minimalistic colour and layout. The blank or blurry face creates an illusion that draws the viewer in and allows them to see who they see. bOB also likes to experiment with a contour drawing technique using watercolour and pen and ink. He feels that this style brings out a truer representation of the subject in that moment.

Currently, bOB HOmer has paintings on display at the Port Moody Public Library, and will be participating in Port Moody's Artist in the Park program this summer.


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